Out Hustle My Yesterday, OHMY lifestyle brand for athletes

TeamOHMY Bands Includes;

4 bands total


1 - White band w/ red "Out Hustle My Yesterday" & blue OHMY logo

1 - Red band w/ blue "Keep Pounding" & white OHMY logo

1 - White band w/ blue "Trust the Process" & pink OHMY logo

1 - Blue band w/ white "Compete with Confidence" & red OHMY logo


3 Sizes available - Small - 180mm, Medium - 190mm, Large - 202mm


Email - duncan@teamohmy.com for bulk team orders

OHMY Bands - The Island

  • Between The Lines

    There's an island, its small, but it produces more big leaguers per capita than any other place. If you know you know. Now we're not saying our boy Willy Diaz has to make the bigs to be successful, but the dude plays the game with a passion and confidence rarely seen so don't bet againt him. These bands rep that tiny island where he's from, and the pink? that's for the big league chew Willy rocks when he's out at shortstop playing the game he loves.