Out Hustle My Yesterday, OHMY lifestyle brand for athletes

TeamOHMY Bands Includes;

4 bands total


1 - Black band w/ yellow "Out Hustle My Yesterday" & OHMY logo

1 - Yellow band w/ white "Keep Pounding" & black OHMY logo

1 - Black band w/ yellow "Trust the Process" & white OHMY logo

1 - White band w/ black "Compete with Confidence" & yellow OHMY logo


3 Sizes available - Small - 180mm, Medium - 190mm, Large - 202mm


Email - duncan@teamohmy.com for bulk team orders

OHMY Bands - The Burgh

  • Between The Lines

    Let me take you back, it's the early 90's, a young Super Mario, is averaging close to 2 points a game flying around the ice, his flow is only matched by a young kid named Jagr, wonder how his career will play out. Now they're certainly a couple of the biggest stars the game has ever seen, but in '91/'92 there was a guy named Kevin Stevens potting 50. Oh and the dude had 250 & 170 PIMs those two years. Yes, the game has changed since then, but those black and yellow unis still hit different than most.