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When OHMY started we always planned on giving back. Over the last 5 years we have hooked up countless athletes with wristbands, apparel, donated to silent auctions, added extras to team orders all across North America. We did this because we believe in the next generation of athletes and we wanted to have a small part in their journey and help inspire them to work a little bit harder than the day before.

Now we are making the give back official. We collaborated with three athletes here in Calgary to launch our first 3 pack of socks in hopes of raising some money for youth sports organizations that could use a little extra help. We love that this initiative gives athletes a look into the design world but also challenges them to see a need in their community and help address it. 

In the future we hope to partner with schools, teams and athletes in different communities across North America in an effort to give back to those who are less fortunate and provide the gift of sport so many of us are grateful for each day.

Watch for details on how you can apply to be the next OHMY collaborator.


OHMY founder signature, OHMY story
                     The Big       Pack 3

The Murphy

keep pounding

Just win baby

A digital tye dye sock with a loud OHMY flare. Murph as he's know on the court and diamond is a budding entrepreneur and came up clutch with this design.

Sometimes success is a matter of hanging on after others have let go. Designed by Noah, a stud 13U baseball player this dope colourway has a direct nod to the keep pounding OHMY artwork. The kid is one of the hardest workers on the field & these socks represent that work ethic to a tee.

Calum has been on us for a while with sock ideas for OHMY so naturally we had to let him give it a try. This play on a dress sock, 'because it all business' when he's on the bump is a cool way to round out the 3 pack. Add a subtle nod to his faith along with a motto the dude lives by when he's competing and you've got a sock that's built to win.

TeamOHMY Socks
Out Hustle My Yesterday - OHMY off-field apparel for athletes
The big three, OHMY's key players
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