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OHMY wasn't born overnight. Growing up playing sports, from the time I could walk to playing college baseball, I often brought my sketchbook on the long bus rides. I have always been fascinated with the cultures of art and sport. Drawing hockey mask designs in elementary school was the first time I brought my love of them together and I have been looking for ways to combine the two ever since.

Being an athlete is not just a 9-5 thing. I get that, and this is where OHMY comes in. When you're not rocking your team gear OHMY allows you to still express your game and what you're made of. OHMY is not just a brand. It's a mindset. Out Hustle My Yesterday is made for athletes, by athletes, for the love of the game.


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                     The Big 3

Keep Pounding

The work you put in will pay off. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not a week from now, maybe not even a month from now. But you will see results if you keep

pounding. Practice makes permanent.

Like pounding the anvil forge your skills so they will be there in crunch time.

Trust the Process

You have all the ingredients for success inside you. Its just a question of what you're prepared to give. Blood, sweat, and tears, and a commitment to your team and coaches will lead you to 

success. Work hard, give what you have inside you and trust the process. 

Compete with confidence

The lion, long a symbol of courage, 

lies sleeping in all of us. However, most of us never wake that creature.

Have the courage to compete with

confidence. Once you have put in the work its time to go play. Unleash the beast.

OHMY anvil, keep pounding, off-field gear for athletes
OHMY Lion, compete with confidence, lifestyle apparel
Out Hustle My Yesterday - OHMY off-field apparel for athletes
The big three, OHMY's key players
OHMY, Trust the Process, off-field apparel for athletes
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