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Grey OHMY duffle bag w/ black "for the love of the game" embroidery - duffle bag ships with 8 OHMY patches to customize your swag.

OHMY Cinch Bag - Grey

C$23.67 Regular Price
C$11.84Sale Price
  • Between The Lines

    Compete with yourself and run your race. Each day athletes face unique challenges trying to be better than the day before. The OHMY backpack let's you customize your bag with 8 different patches depending on the day. 

    What's going to motivate you to those dreams and get better? Pick that patch, slap it on, and, attack the day. When it changes, change up the patch and keep moving forward. TeamOHMY has your back, but you have to put in the work!


    Bag Details

    • Pull the strings, close the bag, toss it on your shoulder, not much for details besides that.

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