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OHMY Apparel - Always a Limited Run

In 2016 when I started mapping out what OHMY, the brand was going to be all about I made a conscious decision that I was not trying to be a brand that relied on just one look. Athletes come from all

walks of life, and being an athlete myself and having lots of different teammates over the years I knew starting OHMY I had a lot of designs I wanted to share with the world.

With that in mind, that is why all OHMY releases, collections, and drops are limited edition. Sometimes I bring designs back, use different colour ways, or build on an idea. However I don’t want to get bogged down with extra inventory and I want to keep pushing the envelope with designs and keep things fresh for everyone who continues supporting OHMY. This sometimes means things are sold out and you wish they would come back, but it also means you know that the pieces you do get are limited and you won't be walking around looking like everyone else.

Recently the shop portion of the website was updated to reflect this as well. And you will notice a ‘retiring soon’ tab as well. More on that next blog.

That’s it. That’s the update #TeamOHMY, no big Black Friday sale. We just dropped new merch and don’t want to penalize those who jumped on the collection right away with a sale a few days later. If you have been rocking with OHMY for a minute you know I like to send offers and discount codes at different times to customers who have supported OHMY in the past rather than having a public sale to reward people who haven't ever bought from us before. You guys are loyal to OHMY, and I like rewarding that.

Lots of deals to be had under the ‘retiring soon’ tab. And as always I appreciate all the support. From purchasing, to liking posts, sharing, telling a friend. It all helps TeamOHMY. Appreciate y’all.

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